Eclectic Well-Being

Mind Training 101

Discover how Meditation and Mindfulness can change your thought patterns, letting go of stress and anxiety and instead learning to live in flow.


Train your mind to let go of negative repetitive thoughts and find more Joy and Abundance!


4 Week Series 

Thursdays 7-8 p.m.

Jan 6 - 27, 2022


  • Week 1- The Beauty of the mind
    Learn how the mind works.  Why we have the same thoughts over and over. Discover nearoplasticity and how meditation can be used as self-directed neuroplasticity. 
  • Week 2 - Being Mindful
    Learn how mindfulness can be used in daily activities and help change your thought patterns while also exploring how meditation has been used for ages in many cultures and religions. 

  • Week 3 - Focused Awareness Meditation Techniques
    Discover a number of Focused Awareness Techniques such as breath and mantra meditation. Explore a Yoga Nidra practice, similar to focused awareness meditation, but uses a systematic process to bring one closer to sleep, allowing the mind to rest. 

  • Week 4 - Open Awareness Mediation Techniques
    Practice noting and self-inquiry meditation, both open awareness techniques.  End the series by deciding what works for you and what your practice will be.

Discover how simple new habits can bring positive mental and physical changes, finding more happiness and living in flow!