Eclectic Well-Being

The Key to Everything YOU Want is inside YOU!

  • Do you look around and wonder why some seem to have it all, while you’re still waiting for your day to come?
  • Maybe you’re stuck in a RUT doing the same things day after day but never getting to where you really want to go. 
  • Do you even know exactly where it is you want to go?
  • Does your life look Totally Awesome to others, yet you feel like time is passing you by and you’ll never live the life you desire?


We get comfortable in the life we designed decades ago. When things are going well, we go on autopilot, which ultimately leads to finding ourselves on a hamster wheel years later, doing the same things over and over, stuck exactly where we’ve been -- a place we’ve outgrown.


The good news is, the mind is more powerful than any computer -- and you can harness its power to reach your fullest potential.



I’m here to help you consciously create your life, instead of simply letting it happen!


The Total MindShift is the KEY to unlocking everything that is trapped inside you so that you can celebrate the success you already have and transform your life into what you truly desire.


✨Define you Purpose and find Clarity on what it is you really want.


✨Discover YOUR Unique Character Strengths, YOUR Unique Perspective and YOUR Unique Passions!


✨Transform doubt and limiting beliefs into opportunities and empowering decisions!


✨Create a Road Map for achieving your fullest potential and CREATING the LIFE YOU IMAGINE!



"My experience with Kathi Szabo exceeded expectations!  Kathi was amazing!  She took me out of my comfort zone professionally and compassionately into a new comfort zone!  Of surprise to me was how much I learned about my strengths, personality, talents and skill set!   Through Kathi’s coaching I found clarity and peace of mind with workplace and personal life-giving-life decisions.  It was one of the best time and financial investments I’ve made. 

I highly recommend Kathi!"




The TOTAL MindShift Includes:

  • Eight Weeks of one-to-one Guidance & Mentoring with proprietary teachings focused on your personal goals 
  • 3 Months of Essentials Membership
  • The Well-Being Overview 
  • VIA Character Strength Total 24 Assessment
  • The Power of Decision by Raymond Charles Baker


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